Maui Mai Tai    9
Bacardi Superior Light Rum, orgeat syrup,Cointreau, pineapple juice, orange juice,and a float

of Trader Vic's Dark Rum. 
Topped off with Amaretto Foam.

Cherry Coke Float    9
Jim Beam Bourbon, cherry syrup,
Coca Cola, 
served over ice with Amaretto Foam.

Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita    10
Cazadores Blanco Tequila, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, and muddled pineapple and jalapeno. Slightly spicy and hugely delicious.
Served on the rocks in a salt rimmed glass.

Lychee Martini    9
Maui Pau Vodka, lychee syrup
served up and garnished with lychee.

Dark Cherry Mojito    10
Bacardi Superior Light Rum Rum makes the base 

for this delicious adaptation of a mojito.

 We muddle Luxardo Cherries and mint leaves together with a touch of simple syrup then add fresh squeezed lime juice and soda water.

Ginger Bourbon Cooler    9
We start by muddling fresh orange with housemade ginger simple syrup,  then top with Domaine de Canton Ginger liquor, Jim Beam Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, bitters and soda water.

Pineapple McNut Martini    9
Maui Pau Vodka and Trader Vic's Macadamia NutLiquor shaken together with pineapple juiceand served up in a martini glass.

Buffalo Trace Old Fashioned   9
Traditional Old Fashioned made with
Buffalo Trace Bourbon with Luxardo Cherries.




Our hoagie rolls are baked fresh daily by our neighbors at This is it! Bakery, right here in Kakaako. All sandwiches come with one small side.



All of our plates are served with your choice of one of our homemade BBQ Sauces.

We serve 100% Fresh Black Angus Beef
Half Pound Burgers from Harris Ranch Meats.  
All Cheeseburgers are served on a brioche bun and come with one small side.


Smoked Beef Brisket    14
Tender, sliced, smoked beef brisket, 
served on a toasted hoagie roll 
Served with your choice of BBQ Sauce on the side

Prime Rib French Dip     17
Slow smoked USDA Choice prime rib 
with caramelized onion,muenster cheese, horseradish cream, and au jus on a hoagie roll  

Pulled Pork    13
Aloha Spirit Blonde Ale injected smoked pork, shredded and topped withwon bok slaw on a toasted hoagie roll
with your choice of BBQ Sauce on the side

Hawaiian Herb Chicken    13
Herb crusted, Kiawe smoked shredded chicken, lettuce 
andlocally grown tomatoes and a garlic aioli
served on a toasted hoagie roll 
Your choice of BBQ Sauce on the side

Drunkwurst    13
Bratwurst smoked over Kiawe wood and marinated in our Ala Moana Amber™ beer This smoky, malty goodness is served on a hoagie rollwith blistered peppers
and sautéed onions with your choice of BBQ sauce


Classic Cheese Pizza    12
House made sauce of locally grown tomatoes, fresh basil
and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese

With Kiawe smoked brisket    16
With Hawaiin herb shredded chicken    15
With Kiawe smoked pulled pork    15

 Kaka'ako MENU



All meats smoked fresh every day right here in Kakaako. 

Choose a sandwich, a plate, or buy your meat by the pound. 
You’ll love our slow-smoked, tender and juicy selections of meat.

Edamame Succotash   4/12
 A blend of edamame, corn, and red bell peppers

sautéed in roasted jalapeno butter.

“Loaded Baked Potato” Salad   4/12
Red skin potatoes tossed with chopped bacon,

green onion, and cheddar cheese

tossed in a sour cream aioli.

Braised Beef and Black Beans    4/10

Chinese black beans braised with brisket, poblano
peppers, and onions in a jalapeno, garlic beef broth.

Won Bok Slaw   4/10
Won bok, red cabbage, and carrots
in a southern style apple cider dressing.

MAC SALAD   4/11
A local favorite!  Elbow macaroni, carrots, celery,
boiled egg, salt, pepper & mayo

Fresh Oahu made flour tortillas grilled with your choice of
smoked brisket, shredded chicken, or pulled pork and stuffed with chopped cabbage, cotija cheese
​and roasted poblano salsa
  Served with housemade black beans and braised beef

Two Tacos   14      Three Tacos   20

Black Strap Molasses Porter
A house made sauce with Black Strap Molasses Porter
and spiced with chipotle peppers.

Sweet Mango Bourbon
A sweeter sauce house made withmango and brown sugar. 
This sauce finishes with a little bite from the bourbon

and red pepper.

808 Carolina Gold
A classic Southern sauce house madewith yellow mustard. 
Our version is made with  808 Pale Ale

and punched up with a little Sriracha.

Shaved Prime Rib Cheeseburger     19
Smoked prime rib tops off our burger with caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, muenster cheese, mayo, horseradish cream, and a side of au jus

Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger      16
Bacon, fresh avocado, cheddar or muenster cheese,
mayo, lettuce, locally grown tomatoes, and onion 

Pulled Pork Cheeseburger     16
Topped with smoked pulled pork, cheddar or muenster cheese, won bok slaw, mayo, 808 Carolina Gold BBQ sauce  

Char Grilled Cheeseburger     14       
Your choice of cheddar or muenster cheese,
mayo, lettuce, locally grown tomatoes, and onion  



Carnivore Nachos
 Fresh Oahu made tortilla chips topped
with our Jalapeno Mouth ™beer cheese, roasted poblano salsa, jalapenos,  black beans,locally grown tomatoes, avocado and sour cream
With Kiawe smoked brisket    18
With Hawaiian herb shredded chicken    16
With Kiawe smoked pulled pork    16

WBCK Nachos    14
Fresh Oahu made tortilla chips topped with our Jalapeno Mouth ™ beer cheese,roasted poblano salsa, jalapenos,  black beans, locally grown tomatoes,
avocado and sour cream

Island Style Poke 12
Fresh ahi tuna in soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, avocado, green onion,and sesame seeds.
​ Served with taro chips

Smoked Wings 12
     Our wings are brined in Coca Cola, rubbed

with our own wing seasoning and slow smoked to perfection. You won’t even think about the sauce!

Hummus 2 Ways 10
Macadamia nut, chick pea, and basil hummus

and Chinese style boiled peanut hummus. 
Served with naan bread and crudite.

Giant Pretzel    11
A gigantic soft pretzel served with our Jalapeno Mouth Beer Cheese, 808 Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce,
​and Honey Mustard.

Mochiko Cornbread 5   
Served with whipped honey butter.

Kona Coffee Rubbed Beef Brisket   16
Hand-sliced tender beef brisket slow-smoked right here 
​for twelve hours  Served with sticky white rice, mochiko cornbread and your choice of one more side

Aloha Blonde Pig    15
This Kiawe smoked pork is injected with our delicious
Aloha Spirit Blonde Ale™and slow roasted in house for five hours  Served with sticky white rice, mochiko cornbread and your choice of one more side

Kiawe Smoked Baby Back Ribs    18
Five bones of juicy kiawe smoked pork ribs
Served with sticky white rice , mochiko cornbread
and your choice of one more side

Hawaiian Herb Rubbed Chicken    15
Two of our tender smoked herb rubbed chicken thighs
Served with sticky white rice , mochiko cornbread and your choice of one more side

Can’t Decide?  Try a sampling fo our Pulled Pork, Smoked Wings, Drunkwurst, Brisket, and Ribs.
Served with all of our house made BBQ sauces.
(this item is served ala carte, add your favorite side to complete your meal)

Smoked Prime Rib Dinner    25 
Available after 4pm, Friday and Saturday
12 ounces of USDA choice prime rib slow smoked right here
Served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, horseradish cream, au jus
and your choice of 1 more side

Hana Hou Shandy 8
Muddled fresh orange and strawberry with simple syrup
and fresh squeezed lemon juice topped off with Hana Hou Hefeweizen

and a splash of lemon lime soda. 

Ginny Skeans 9
Organic Prairie Gin, Fiorente Elderflower Liqueur, grapefruit juice
with Skinny Jeans IPA.
Served over ice in a teardrop glass.
Jalapeno Amber Michelada 7
Jalapeno Mouth Amber Ale is the perfect base for this zesty blend of beer, tomato juice, Worcestershire, and lime. 

Served in a salt rimmed glass.

Small 5oz / Large 16oz

Smoked BBQ Chicken 13 
Shredded smoked chicken, edamame, corn, diced tomatoes, diced red peppers, and tortilla strips tossedin a salad of chopped romaine and arugula with sweet mango bourbon ranch dressing.

​Charred Caesar    11

Charred romaine hearts with shredded parmesan cheese,
grilled garlic flatbread drizzled with a
creamy caesar dressing
Add smoked shredded chicken    3

Arugula & Goat Cheese 14
Cracked black pepper goat cheese croquettes

on a salad of arugula and sliced strawberries tossed

with Hana Hou Hefe™ vinaigrette and topped with

crumbled house-made macadamia nut brittle.