​Aloha Spirit Blonde Ale™  
OG:10  FG:1.5  ABV:4.62%  IBU:18 
Light crystal and two row malts combine to make the base for this light and refreshing blonde ale.  Perle and tettnang hops provide slight bitterness and balance to the malt, and a late addition of cascade hops in the boil lend  a delicate aroma to the finished beer.

Our Beer Styles

Jalapeño Mouth™ 

OG:13  FG:3  ABV:5.36%  IBU:30  
A malty, balanced amber ale provides the base for this beer which utilizes fresh jalapeno chilies in the boil.  A wonderful green chili aroma is at the forefront of this beer with just enough pepper heat on the finish  to draw you in for another glass.

Hana Hou Hefe™ 

OG: 13.5 FG: 1.5 ABV: 6.55% IBU: 15  
Equal parts malted barley and malted wheat make up the base for this beer.  Noble hop, tettnang, provides the bitterness and small additions of perle and centetnnial in the whirlpool balance out the aroma.  An addition of sweet orange peel and strawberry puree prior to fermentation make this cloudy American style hefeweizen the ultimate in refreshment.

English Brown Ale

OG: 12.6  FG:3  ABV:5.14%  IBU:26  
Nutty and roasty malt flavors set the stage for our English Brown.  English East Kent Goldings Hops are used for both bittering and aroma in this beer, perfectly balancing out the malt forward character.

Craft Light Lager

OG: 9 FG: 15 ABV 4% IBU: 8 
Beer. When you just want a beer, but you still want to support local, independent craft. Beer like your dad used to drink. Malted barley, flaked corn, Mexican lager yeast, and saaz hops. Simple, easy drinking, refreshing, beer.

Eee Pah IPA

OG: 15.7 FG: 1.5 ABV: 7.65% IBU: 75
​ Two row and crystal malts make for a nice malty backbone to support the big IBU and aroma of our IPA. We use a combination of centennial, cascade, and simcoe hops in three separate boil additions to give bitterness, then dry hop with the same three hops to drive the intensity of the floral, piney, citrus, and currant aromas as high as possible.

Skinny Jeans IPA™ 

OG: 13  FG: 1   ABV: 6.0 %   IBU:56  
​Back before the “juicy” New England style IPAs were blowing up on Instagram, there was a very hip style of IPA - the West Coast IPA. Very highly attenuated and light on malt, these beers were hopbursting before it was cool. You probably wouldn’t have known about the hops, HBC 369 cv, and YCR 14 cv, they were pretty obscure at the time.  Once they became mainstream they were called Mosaic and Simcoe and were much loved for their respective  tropical/blueberry/rose blossom and dank/piney/resinous aromatics.  This beer wears skinny jeans and jackets in the summer... you know - before it’s cool.

808 Pale Ale™ 

OG: 13.2 FG: 1.5 ABV: 6.25% IBU: 38  
​Two row malt makes up the base of our pale ale while two different roasts of crystal malt provide color and flavor to the beer.  Centennial hops contribute bitterness, a mid-boil addition of perle hops add flavor, and a last minute addition of cascade hops provide the aroma.  We then use cascade hops in a technique called “dry hopping” during fermentation to further accentuate the hop aroma.

Black Strap Molasses Porter™ 

OG: 15 FG: 3 ABV: 6.48% IBU: 37  

Two Row, crystal and Munich malts create the base for the big flavors of chocolate and black malt to build upon.  The chocolate and coffee flavor and aroma of the malts are highlighted nicely by the addition of black strap molasses in the boil.  Goldings and Fuggle hops provide refined earthy bitterness that compliments the roasty flavors of the malt nicely.