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Interested in renting kegs of our beer? You're in the right place. Here's all the information you need.

There is a $50 keg deposit per keg, regardless of size.  Please keep your receipt in order to get your deposit back.
If you bring back one empty keg and purchase another full keg, you will not need to pay an additional deposit. (1 keg in, 1 keg out.)
We don’t always have Party Pump Taps available. Please reserve them ahead when ordering your keg. Pump deposit is $50.
We rotate brews of different beers at each brewery and may ask you to pick up at the brewery location that brewed the beer.
15.5 Gallon Kegs are 1984 ounces which equals (124) 16oz pints or (165) 12 oz pours.
5.17 Gallon Kegs are 661 ounces which equals (41) 16 oz pints or (55) 12 oz pours

Keg rentals are only available on Oahu.  Kegs are subject to availability.
Emailing ahead by 3 days or more is recommended. (Especially for 1/6 bbl kegs.)
Please email Joe Lorenzen at